Auto Top-Up out now!


Let us know your thoughts. To be released very soon!

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Auto real time money load based on purchases

Looks cool!

  1. What makes a card ineligible?
  2. What’s the 15p fee for? Is it different for the currency used?



That’s a great idea !
Nevertheless, whenever I top up with my debit card, I first have to receive an SMS from my bank to confirm the transaction. How would that work out ? It would be great to have auto-topup without the SMS hassle, and without the usual delays associated with bank withdrawals.


if you validate your card with number from bank statement and then making photo, it does not ask for an sms :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. It would make my life I little bit easier!!!


I guess this would be a good additional facility, though my experience is that manually topping up is so easy and seamless with Revolut, that it is no great hardship!


I guess Credit Cards will not be eligible to auto top-up (as the non eligible card in the list is a credit one) ! :credit_card:


@allstone : actually the SMS is sent from your bank, not from Revolut. It’s the 3D-Secure authentication.


this is awesome! Exactly what i’m looking for!


When I saw “Auto Top-Up” I thought it would be something like automatic Top-Up when I make a payment that exceeds what I have left on my Revolut account. Is this something you considered? It’s definitely something I’d use all the time.


Great idea. Although i also think that current method for topping up is highly flexible and also allows control.


Tgat would turn Revolut into something a bit similar to the Supercard, I guess. Which I’m not a massive fan of.

I much prefer Revolut as I know how much I’ve got to spend and the exchange rate is instant - rather than being exposed until the transaction is settled.

Would like to see granular options in terms of being able to set a balance rather than select from a preset list - and then again the ability to top-up with a custom amount rather than just those set. But then I guess that might encourage someone to make lots of smaller auto top-ups rather than one bigger one = more fees for Revolut.


I get your point.
I’m asking that because my current use of Revolut when I’m not abroad consists in occasional transactions. My Revolut account is empty and when I need to buy something in another currency, I top up the exact amount I need to pay and then I pay. My suggestion would remove this extra top-up step.

Anyway this other auto top-up should obviously be totally optional.


Nice little feature to be added, will definitely save me having to manually top up every day. :joy:


That’s something I’d like. A bit like Paypal, which can take from your balance and then use your debit card if what you’re buying exceeds your balance. Would want to be able to set limited within the app.



Just updated to v3.0 for Android.

I think there’s some bug. Kinda slow…

Also, where’s the auto top up function?


@jimmyktp We’re looking into this!

Auto top up can be found in the Top-up section of the app. There you can choose the top-up method!


I downloaded the updated app today and Auto top-up is not on it.


I’m on iOS and after the update this day I have correctly the auto top-up option located in the Top-Up section, same menu that when you want to select bank transfer. :slight_smile:

Maybe send us screenshots so we can help. :wink: