Auto Top-up on IOS?

Although I’ve tried searching in the FAQ’s and forum post. I cannot figure out how to enable auto top-up?

Using IOS/iPhone… anyone able to shed some light at all please?

I thought you were only using Curve :wink:

I have auto top-up enabled in the Revolut app, but I am on Android. Would it still help you if I describe how it works on Android?

Ha! I do… Shhh, don’t tell my Curve card I’m “using” another card! :rofl:

Yeah, would be good if you could help … I’m sure it’s similar.

Ok, here goes.

My app is in Dutch.
I assume you already have added at least one creditcard (if not, first add one), that you want to use to top up your Revolut account.
So go to that card (or add one) by pressing the + on the home screen.


Behind your default card there is a > pointing down, press it:


Behind the card(s) there is an ‘i’, press it.


Now press the ‘A’ for automatic top up.

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Perfect…thanks … appreciate your help. :smiley:

It works!