Auto top-up: how to enable this?

Hi everyone,

Can someone explain to me how to enable auto top-up? As far as I know, I need a eligible card for that. However, I’m unable to find the code on my bank statement to validate my card.

Thanks for any help or clarification.


Hey @orosseel :slight_smile:

The code should be shown in your bank statement in every :r: top-up. However, you will probably need to reach a certain threshold of top-up usage :slight_smile:



Thanks for the answer. This is what I see on my bank statement. There is no validation code.

But maybe I can only see a validation code after some top-ups then?


Yes, your card for top ups has to be charged to see the code. Validation of the card is not necessary from the beginning but when the app asks you to do so.

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App asks for validation. No code visible on my bank statement. (See screenshot in previous post.)


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I’m sure I can help :slight_smile:

DM so that I can do my magic :mage: