Auto Top Up Enhancements - Schedule and Approvals


I’d like to be able to schedule auto top ups, usually weekly or monthly. Separately, I’d like the option to only commit an auto top up if a notification is ok’ed. This is a fraud prevention measure.


Hello @bsalita

That’s a really nice idea. At the moment you can schedule auto top-ups when your balance falls below a certain amount, but it will be nice to have the option to schedule auto top up of a specific amount, every month or week.

We will take it on board :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


I think, auto top-up should work during cash withdrawal (In ATM or POS) The system should wait for authorization until the revoluts account will be recharget. I do not want to reject the transaction with the description of insufficient funds in the revolut account. And wait for auto top-up. And make a purchase. The system should be intelligent.

e.g I make purchase / withdrawal => there are no insufficent funds in the revolut account => revolut is trying auto top-up => when the top-up was successful => the transaction is authorized.

Without rejection of the transaction!