Auto top up card following cash withdrawal


At the moment, I understand that auto top up only happens after transfers, but it would be more intuitive if auto top up was based on the balance, not on the activity. This is because the user sets auto top up based on the card balance so this is what they will expect - at least I did! I couldn’t figure out why my card wasn’t topping up after trips to the cashpoint…


Hi, auto top-up should work during cash withdrawal (In ATM or POS) The system should wait for authorization until the revoluts account will be recharget. I do not want to reject the transaction with the description of insufficient funds in the revolut account. And wait for auto top-up. And make a purchase. The system should be intelligent.

e.g I make purchase / withdrawal => there are no insufficent funds in the revolut account => revolut is trying auto top-up => when the top-up was successful => the transaction is authorized.

Without rejection of the transaction!