Auto top-up - basics when travelling

Hi Revolut hive collective! Great app, card and community by the way. This is my first post so just checking some basics. UK based but in Australia for 3 months

Am I right in thinking you should only set up an auto top up in your home (base) currency? Any spend from your ‘travelling’ currency will auto-exchange (draw down) from your home currency if that account gets depleted. If your home currency is not enough for a particular travelling currency purchase, the home currency auto top-up kicks in and the auto-exchange takes place. All in one go? Yes?

I initially set up my auto top up in AUD only to find I was getting hit by and exchange fee by my UK bank. Durr - school boy error.

Thanks in advance.

We spent two months there👍 We didn’t bother with auto top up just added funds when we needed them. The dollar has dropped dramatically in the last couple of weeks if you exchanged before then you were getting 1.82-4. Now it’s down to around 1.76. If you have dollars on the card it will use those first then draw from GPB. Or the currency you have the most of.