Auto - exchange

I would like to ask if automatic money exchange works?

I thought the revolt would automatically change the money on an account by location and local currency. In the Czech Republic I have to exchange money from € to CZK before I decide to withdraw money from an ATM, otherwise I pay a fee.

:r: will try take local currency from your account when you pay or if none is loaded then it will take from other currency and convert at market rate. You should always opt to pay in local currency with no conversion. When you say you pay a fee what are you referring to. A fee from the ATM?

It is well known that ATMs “offer” to automatically exchange. You need to chose “Withdraw in local currency” and Revolut will exchange automatically and most likely cheaper.

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Thanks. I’ll try it next time.

This is how it normaly works: charger in AED and automatically paid in EUR. I have no account in AED.

This is very convenient!
Either you can plan beforehand or just pay as you go and :r: does the trick for you!
Depending on where you are, you don’t always have service on your phone, however Revolut has your back. Keep up the good work!