Auto code input



I just added a new bank, and then Revolut sent me a SMS text to verify this and it instantly copied and input the code into the app and was accepted? Is this usual?


Not sure i understand. Did you copy and input it, or did your phone magically take it from the text it got sent?

What phone do you use?


During installation app have asked for access to SMS. If you allowed- it is normal bahaviour :slight_smile:


My phone took the code even before the SMS was sent it was instant. The phone input a code and then a split second later I got the text. I have a Samung


Funky, them i am glad i am on an iPhone :slight_smile:


That might have been it actually!!! I probably did that!! Any way to change it?


As I’ve written above- normal behavior if you’ve allowed during installation


This video might help


It depends on Android version, but if you have Marshmallow or newer- yes it is possible


Nice shot :slight_smile:
I don’t have Samsung, so I would go to “seetings >apps> revolut> permission” and then turned off SMS


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