Authorization failed, card still charged.


Hi there,

I tried using the Revolut card to make a payment in an American store. My main currency is not US dollars so I thought it would be sensible to use Revolut. I entered the card details in the store, pressed “check out”.

Transaction went through at the Revolut side, I can see the money gone from the account and I can see the statement… yet the store claims that card authorization has failed. Who should I contact? Revolut or the merchant?

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Hey there @ajarmoniuk :slight_smile:

Failed transactions will just stay in a Pending state for a while and then they’ll be reverted :wink:
That “while” is usually from some minutes to 2 hours, but it could actually take up to 7 working days (I believe it was this amount, but this never happened to me).

If I were you, I would wait for at least one day before getting in touch with any of the parties :smile:


When it happened to me, in a bar in Greece, it was exactly 7 days before the transaction was reversed.


Hey @ajarmoniuk :slight_smile:

It depends :wink:
I guess you figured it out already, but clicking the transaction will give you the details and tell you if it’s Pending or Completed :slight_smile:


Guys, thank y’all so much. The payment is still hanging as Pending.


If you’re interested in the mechanics of this:


The merchant got back to me. He said they don’t process Revolut cards. He showed me a screenshot with three declined authz attempts of my trying to pay with the card. He is asking me to use a different card. Meanwhile the payment is still hanging as Pending.

Anyway. Is there a way I can wire money back to my account? I tried binding the card to PayPal without success.


Sure @ajarmoniuk :slight_smile:

Just click the purple “Transactions” button. Then choose To bank account and you’ll be able to transfer it wherever for free :slight_smile:

You’ll just have to wait for the transaction to be reversed for the funds to be available for transfer (those 7 days)


Thanks!! It’s great the community is so supportive!