Authentication on iOS 10.3.4 (beta)


4 out of 10 times Revolut doesn’t pop-up my fingerprint authentication when I open the app.

I have to type my PIN, the app closes once the PIN is entered, on my second shot the app finally opens and shows me the Touch ID.

I must mention that I have an iPhone 6s, iOS 10.3.4 (beta), not sure but I assume this is the root cause.

Not really a bug as I’m not using the final release of iOS but just for the record… “Revolut, one step ahead”.


I’m experiencing the exact same thing on an iPhone 6s Plus and running iOS 10.2.1.

This behaviour has been around since before the update to 10.2.1… Usually I just end up killing the app and re-opening it which also makes the Touch Id prompt show up.

That surely looks like a minor bug to me.


Hi guys,

Thank you for letting us know. The team will investigate this.


Are you sure it is 10.3.4 beta? As far as I am aware there is only a 10.3 beta 4 available. Maybe you should post the build number to be sure.


Yup, you’re right, 10.3 beta, 4th revision if you’d like.


Looks like the issue is been solved with Revolut 3.8. Thanks!