authentication could not be completed


Hi, I’m trying to make a payment online with my card, when I enter the payment details it says ‘your authentication could not be completed because of a system error. If this happens consistently please contact your CSR’. I’ve got this message 4 times… Thanks


Same here. Nothing gets declined or anything. It’s like payment is not being processed.


Revolut support said there is no issue with my card and they can’t see any reason why the transaction won’t complete… I’ve made purchases with this online retailer previously using all the same details no problem… Strange


Yeah, got the same response. There are several other people on Twitter with the same issue as ours.


I queried with the retailer and they said they no longer accept pre-paid credit cards so maybe that’s the reason for this error…


I also have this issues, with a payment to Swedish student loans. Never had this issue before. Monzo shows the same error, worked with my normal bank which takes extortionate fees and exchange rates.


So, are there any ideas to solve this problem?


If it is indeed the case that the merchant does not accept prepaid cards, workarounds are limited. PayPal might work?


So top-up with pre paid cards will be no longer possible?


I used a regular debit card instead and payment went through no problem


No idea, I’ve only encountered this problem on one particular retailers website


I asked support, they have some issues with 3D secure, so we have to be patient :slight_smile:


Hi guys. There was a temporary issue, however it’s now resolved. If there are any outstanding problems just send me a direct message. :slight_smile:


Hi JessicaZ, i have this same problem with a online payment.

Your authentication could not be completed because of a system error. If this happens consistently, please contact your CSR

But, nothing appears in my Card Transactiions. By other hand i have contacted with the merchant, because i haven’t seen this information …

Can you help me with this issue??



Suggest you send Jessica a direct message.


Ok, thanks for your suggestion