Authenticating by SMS is insecure

SMS is insecure and shouldn’t be trusted

Please allow a more secure way to authenticate against the account.


I would like to +1 this problem, as this is currently exposing a big issue in the phone number-based security model. Anyone who gets access to a phone number can easily have access to the funds deposited in a Revolut account


Why is this not being looked into?

They are dealing with crypto currency now as well. What happens if someones crypto funds in the app went on to be worth a lot of money. All they are protected by is a SIM card and a 4 digit pin.

This is why I am not going to use the app at all. I would love to use it but it’s not secure enough.

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I agree. There has been plenty of publicity in the UK, Revolut’s home market, about SIM swap fraud and the ease with which a fraudster can switch someone else’s number to a new SIM, which they physically possess.

There was a big report on it last autumn by BBC1’s Watchdog programme: