Australian top ups are completely broken


I’m currently in Australia and heading back to Ireland next week. I’m paid into my Australian account and up to now, I’ve been transferring my money to Ireland via currencyfair.

I signed up Revolut because it seemed quicker and cheaper.

However, trying to get money onto my account from Australia is completely broken.

The Android Pay simply doesn’t work. It keeps coming up “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.”

When I top up by card, the address page doesn’t work. There are no address specific post codes over here so when I enter my post code and click the search button it gives me a random address several kilometres from my house which of course means the top up is rejected. When I don’t click on the search option, it just fails anyway.

So the only way to top up is via bank transfer but because the Australian IBAN is in London, my own bank is charging me huge fees to make an international transfer even though the currency is the same. Which of course means that I should have stuck with Currencyfair and getting Revolut was a complete waste of time.

I’ve seen other people complain and read the solutions such as leaving city and region blank, nothing works.