Australian Revolut

I’m also keen to get a local AUD account set up. @anon33247966, is there any update on the timeline for this? Many thanks.

Hi there! Is it possible to get a BSB number? It seems it’s not yet available?

Still a soon™ feature.
But it was addressed in the blog: in the Section “Some of our goals moving forward”

For now what about BSB code?! I’m trying to add Revolut account in Transferwise and still dont have BSB code and 9-characters account number. What i have to do with this now ?

Are you an Australian Revolut user? If you aren’t, I don’t think you get a BSB code, so you’d have to transfer to GBP/EUR/PLN/NOK/CHF/USD from Transferwise and then transfer that to your local Revolut account

Or you can probably transfer using SWIFT, through Transferwise