Australian Phone Number


Just downloaded the App to use for AUD -> GBP transfers and it wont let me sign up with an Australian mobile number. Will this be coming soon?


They published this recently-


Unique IBAN’s what I wonder? :wink:

Any idea what B2C and B2B are?


Hello @Bibbs

Our services are available for legal residents in the EEA, where are you based?


Andreas K.


@badskittler - thanks, I didn’t see that 12-18 month part.

@Gruffalo - B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer)


@AndreasK - I’m in the UK, but only have an Australian mobile number available.


£1 gets you a Lycamobile number.
Then after setting up you could stop it. I have the :r: app on 3 devices, one of which doesn’t even have a phone number.


OK perfect, do you mind if I contact you directly so I can help you?


Andreas K.