Australia & Current Account


Hi everyone,

I’m a French student who’s coming to Australia for a 6 months internship. I would like to know if the premium account is sufficient as a current account in my everyday life in Sydney or is it more recommended to create an account in an Australian Bank. As a student I would not like to spend to much money on different fees such as interbank cost.

Thank you for your advice !


Right now, Revolut is not suited for replacing a current account outside of the UK or EUR SEPA countries.


Thank You Frank for this answer.


It would depend on whether you have to do any local banking transfers or direct debits (which are either very expensive or impossible using Revolut, currently).
If you have no Australian income and no regular bills to pay (eg you just get a room in a shared house and the bills are not in your name), the Revolut account would be sufficient and you wouldn’t need the Premium account either.
In Australia you don’t need much cash, contactless payments (up to $100 a pop without PIN!) are the norm pretty much everywhere.
Si jamais tu as un compte chez BNP Paribas, tu peux retirer des sous gratos aux distributeurs Westpac, donc sans frais et au taux interbancaire (comme Revolut en semaine, mais pas plafonné à 200€/400€ par mois).