Attempted to top-up more than limit... HELP!


So i did a test top up via bank transfer and i had the money in my Revolut account within a few hours as advised. Happy days.

Knowing the process works, i then wanted to do a top-up to move a large sum of money using the same method. I saw overnight that this appeared in Revolut as ‘pending’

I have since realised there is an annual limit of £4000 which i slightly exceeded. So here i am stuck with a pending transaction that i require to go through ASAP!

I have read that Revolut can increase this limit if payslips or p60’s are provided etc… but there is no way to submit this information of the verification and limits page, or anywhere else as far as i can see. I use the Android app if that makes a difference.

Please can someone assist ASAP as currently i have had the money go out of my UK bank account and I am now without this large sum!


Hey @JamesObZ :slight_smile:

You should be able to send any required document through the in-app support chat. You can access it by tapping Support in the More tab of the app and typing live agent when you’re greeted by Rita :wink:

They should be able to tell you which documents are required.


This button appears after a few topups. It is on “limits and verification” page:


How long do i have to wait before a human helps within the in-app chat support? I have been advised my query will be passed onto another team but its been over 5 hours without a response now.


Hey @JamesObZ :slight_smile:

It greatly depends on their “busyness”, but it shouldn’t be more than… a day? If it takes more, ask through Twitter maybe, it usually speeds things up
:bird: https:/


Usually i would be happy to wait for such matters but this involves a large sum on money that i require access to asap.

I have tweeted @RevolutApp and sent a DM. I don’t want to clog their systems with a duplicate issue but its imperative this gets addressed quickly. Is there nothing else i can do but wait?


Hey @JamesObZ :slight_smile:

You must be the only one in the forum who would usually be happy to wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think not, but if it’s urgent, the only idea that comes to my mind is going for the Premium trial (which lasts for a month, for free as long as you do not order a card) and will provide you with premium support while dealing with this

That’s the only thing that comes to my mind :roll_eyes:


This has now been resolved. A DM on twitter had someone escalate my issue. I was contacted via the app support 30 mins later and they resolved it instantly. Thank you!

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