Attached receipts lost after re-install

I am Running Revolut (V6.15.1 at the moment) on an iPhone 6s since several months and I used to attach receipts to some transactions. Two days ago when Revolut had (again) an outage I first thought it is on my end therefore I deleted and re-installed the app. After the outage was solved and when I then logged-in again I figured out that ALL my attached receipts have been gone. Is this just a bug on my phone (iOS 13) or did someone else also noticed this.

I mean, wtf (sorry for my anger), but what sense does it make to attach receipts if they are not synchronized in any way in order to keep them for the case you re-install the app or simple change to a new phone?

There are several post and reported bugs when it comes to attached receipts and this is obviously one more. I am asking myself if the people at Revolut are reading this forum here sometimes and finally solve those published bugs/ issues?

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What sense did that even made in the first place? If a receipt is important you keep the paper anyway and if it is not important it does not need to be kept, or?

The attachements are only saved locally and are deleted when you deinstall the app.

It has been an issue since the beginning (the linked thread is over 2.5 years old).
I wouldn’t call it a bug but a really badly implemented system.


The idea of adding a receipt is that I must not keep the paper… And it is easier to search for it later when I need it. Again this is something my regular bank can do and it keeps it up to 7 years.

It just does not make sense to offer such a feature if the receipts are getting lost then at some point, that’s stupid. This is like selling a watering can with wholes in the bottom.


Exactly. So just keep the paper. :laughing:

You will always need it on paper on some point anyway if you have an issue. Printing it out again is really a waste of resources then.

Eh. I disagree. For good accounting I may want a record, but not neccessarily want or need a paper receipt.

I think Revolut should

  • Implement Flux support (digital receipts company)
  • Fix this current broken receipt linker

@AndreasK I think it’s about time Revolut fix this :slight_smile:


It’s called synchronization, and it is not terribly difficult to implement. Revolut should remove the feature from the app. Then add it again with a correct implementation.