Attach receipt bugs out


I am using this feature for the super market and i am constantly facing an annoying bug.
Usually the first and second time I take a photo and press the check mark to select it, the app asks again for the fingerprint and then no photo is attached. It is possible that it is my phone that messes with it but none the less it is still a bug.
As i mentioned it happens usually the first 1-2 times. Then it attaches it correctly without re-asking for my fingerprint.

Am i the only one facing this?


Hmm weird. I never had any issues. Did you try to un-/re-install the app?


Actually no but I can try that. What phone do you have? You see every phone manufacturer uses different camera apps and I think that Huawei’s is making the app lock and not accept the photo afterwards.


I use an Iphone 6 for my banking activities…