ATMs in Japan

It does. But not all POS terminals support it.

I have seen there are some peoples who had some difficulties to withdraw money in Japan. I would like to clarify problems as I going to travel to Japan this summer.
I’ve read that many people who are problems were peoples who tried to withdraw cash by using basic Revolut account whit a Visa debit card. But peoples who used a premium account or metal whit a Mastercard could withdraw at 7-Eleven’s ATM? It is that one can read on this document: The Ultimate Free-Withdrawal List for ATMs worldwide!

Yet, I would like to be sure that the problem is Visa card no Mastercard?

Besides, I shall pay a large sum by cash, and I would like to profit the beneficial rate of exchange provided by Revolut. That why I would like to ask Revolut community if it is possible to make a large withdrawal with a Revolut Premium Mastercard?

Thank you for your help