ATMs in Japan


You obviously haven’t been to Germany yet. :rofl::sweat_smile:


Bhahaha I’m from a German city/ half of the family relocated in Germany so yeah. Kinda been there often (every month (Nuremberg & Frankfurt) :joy:

I just don’t speak German :rofl:

But japan takes that as state of art. Go and check :smiley:


I know Germany quite well myself and I found Japan pretty easygoing. :laughing:


i am currently in Tokyo.

7/11 ATM’s are free with no charge if you use MasterCard, but if you have a visa there is a 109yen fee from the ATM.
I have used the ATM at different hours of the day without issue.
There are a surprising amount of places that accepted my Revolut master card without issue.
You still need to carry cash for cafes and restaurants as not all accept card, but a lot more do these days.

I had 0 issues with my Revolut card in Tokyo, one thing you might want to do is enable the mag stripe as some shops use that, i was caught out when i was paying for my accomodation, but it was easy to enable it quickly on my phone.


I was in Japan in September. No issue with my revolut Master card.

I was able to pay and withdraw in the convinience store.


In what stores did you do it? Family Mart, Seven Eleven or Lawson? Did you had any withdrawal ATM fees when getting cash?