ATMs in Japan

Thank you!

I tried in 7/11, Lawson and Familymart but it didn’t work.

I will keep trying! :muscle:t2:


That’s weird. Last time (January- February) I’ve been there for 5 weeks and didn’t had any problem at 7-11

Be sure you check checking account


Nope, no luck.

I tried today several times in different ATMs (7/11 and Japan Post) and still unable to get cash.


I have an almost similar issue but in a different country. My MC is not recognized at a certain type of ATM but it is at another type. I guess it’s the card validation method that differs between the 2 ATMs and the magnetic stripe doesn’t work somehow in this case. Maybe I should buy something using the mag stripe with pin too like I did with the chip & pin to be able to withdraw with mag stripe?

Hi there. Could you try using an ATM found here depending on your card type:

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Hi. None of the ATMs in Tokyo gave me money. My GF’s MasterCard worked in the international ones.
Revolut MasterCard was refused everywhere not even getting to PIN screen. I even used the ATM locator. At least paying at restaurant worked with the card, but there are so many cash-only places.

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Same problem here, tried in 7/11, Lawson, ATMs in the Visa list, international ATMs in the airport. None of them worked to withdraw money. I don’t even reach the PIN screen.

Not sure if it is the same problem, but it also failed to pay in several places where other Visas worked, in every case was magstripe payment (and PIN was not available as far as I know in those terminals)

Spoke with support a few times (btw, very nice support), but no luck yet, the attemps to withdraw or pay seem to be not even registered in their systems, so it look like it fails even before that…

Until I saw this post I thought that something is wrong with my card.

Luckily I have another card to withdraw money!

Is this general problem with ATMs and Revolut in Japan? Can anyone pay out cash in ATMs? This seems like a recent issue, but I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone.

I’ve had the same problems a few days ago in Kyoto. I couldn’t withdraw money in any conbini (Lawson, FamilyMArt, 7Eleven).
Even 7bank ATM wouldn’t work.

The only way I could withdraw money with my revolut card was at a Japan Post ATM.

For info, I couldn’t either withdraw money from conbini ATM with my normal visa credit card, so I guess it’s more of a general problem with international cards?

I’m a little concerned about reading this.
We are going to Japan in July / August and had planned to use the Revolut card(s) to withdraw money (I already knew about only certain ATMs working).

Its really concerning that people weren’t even able to use the machines which are supposed to accept International cards :frowning:

For the people who had issues, had you disabled anything in the app… i.e. turned off the Mag strip for transactions?

Is anyone from Revolut able to confirm if this is actually an issue and will be resolved?

I just came back from Japan. Kyoto and Tokio. No problems at all with ATMs. Look for Seven Eleven, they are almost everywhere, even at big Airports. They do not charge extra fees for foreign cards. I was using a Revolut Mastercard. I did not try the Visa.

Good to hear you haven’t had any issues Frank. :grin:
Maybe it’s the Visa people have had issues with?

I come back from 3 weeks in Japan. I travel from Fukuoka to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe,… and that is my experience :
So, I have take 2 cards with me, the first one was a Revolut VISA card(fee 0%), and the second one was a VISA card from a french bank(fee 2%).
I could withdraw ONLY in Japan Post ATM with my Revolut card.
For payment, I could pay everywhere but not at every hour !?
For example, in a 7-eleven, I pay successfully with the revolut card at 1am. At 2am, in the same 7-eleven(same place, same cashier), the payment was refused.
That’s was very weird.
I didn’t report this issue with my french card, withdraw(in international ATM) and payment works well everywhere.
So, every time you need to pay something, you need to bring cash or a 2nd card from another bank with you, only in the case of a refused payment.
A withdraw in a JP ATM will apply fee(216¥), regardless of the amount withdraw.
The best solution for me was withdrawing a lot in JP ATM, and put ~50% of the withdraw on a Icoca/Suica card.
For information, Icoca/Suica card is accepted in a lot of store, including every Lawson/7-eleven/Familymart/Biccamera, but you can also take the train, the subway, the tramway,… more easily, without buying a ticket.
If you have any question feel free to ask

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I had no issues at 7-11 Shibuya. I have a Revolut MasterCard. If you are in Tokyo go to Shibuya to withdraw. There is a 7/11 near the west side of Shibuya station which didn’t charge me any withdrawal fee on the Japanese bank side on a 50,000 yen withdrawal. There wasn’t any withdrawal limit on it either (upto 400eur anyway). Look for Mark city sign across the street from the west exit. The ATM is outside , behind the green sign.
At other 7/11’s away from Shibuya the limit was 100,000 yen with a fee of around 200 yen

Isn’t 7-11 ATM from 7-19h has no fees?
It seems some users reporting ¥20,000 at a 7-Eleven ATM with Revolut VISA have fee of ¥216, what about with MasterCard?

I wonder If I top-up my account with 20.000Y (have euro account) how the ATM will know from where to do the withdrawal jpy or euro account in the Revolut account?

@Conor21eire, how come one 7-11 ATM have a fee, and another one hasn’t?!

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it’s not the ATM but Revolut that decides which fund will be deducted.
Simplified the ATM only asks Revolut if the amount can be deducted.

Vebaev my guess is at the fee free location, that’s a tourist hub and that ATM is in front of a big mall…

That’s interesting. What could be the reason for that?

You obviously haven’t been to Germany yet. :rofl::sweat_smile:

Bhahaha I’m from a German city/ half of the family relocated in Germany so yeah. Kinda been there often (every month (Nuremberg & Frankfurt) :joy:

I just don’t speak German :rofl:

But japan takes that as state of art. Go and check :smiley: