ATMs in Japan

I just came back from Japan. Kyoto and Tokio. No problems at all with ATMs. Look for Seven Eleven, they are almost everywhere, even at big Airports. They do not charge extra fees for foreign cards. I was using a Revolut Mastercard. I did not try the Visa.

Good to hear you haven’t had any issues Frank. :grin:
Maybe it’s the Visa people have had issues with?

I come back from 3 weeks in Japan. I travel from Fukuoka to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe,… and that is my experience :
So, I have take 2 cards with me, the first one was a Revolut VISA card(fee 0%), and the second one was a VISA card from a french bank(fee 2%).
I could withdraw ONLY in Japan Post ATM with my Revolut card.
For payment, I could pay everywhere but not at every hour !?
For example, in a 7-eleven, I pay successfully with the revolut card at 1am. At 2am, in the same 7-eleven(same place, same cashier), the payment was refused.
That’s was very weird.
I didn’t report this issue with my french card, withdraw(in international ATM) and payment works well everywhere.
So, every time you need to pay something, you need to bring cash or a 2nd card from another bank with you, only in the case of a refused payment.
A withdraw in a JP ATM will apply fee(216¥), regardless of the amount withdraw.
The best solution for me was withdrawing a lot in JP ATM, and put ~50% of the withdraw on a Icoca/Suica card.
For information, Icoca/Suica card is accepted in a lot of store, including every Lawson/7-eleven/Familymart/Biccamera, but you can also take the train, the subway, the tramway,… more easily, without buying a ticket.
If you have any question feel free to ask

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I had no issues at 7-11 Shibuya. I have a Revolut MasterCard. If you are in Tokyo go to Shibuya to withdraw. There is a 7/11 near the west side of Shibuya station which didn’t charge me any withdrawal fee on the Japanese bank side on a 50,000 yen withdrawal. There wasn’t any withdrawal limit on it either (upto 400eur anyway). Look for Mark city sign across the street from the west exit. The ATM is outside , behind the green sign.
At other 7/11’s away from Shibuya the limit was 100,000 yen with a fee of around 200 yen

Isn’t 7-11 ATM from 7-19h has no fees?
It seems some users reporting ¥20,000 at a 7-Eleven ATM with Revolut VISA have fee of ¥216, what about with MasterCard?

I wonder If I top-up my account with 20.000Y (have euro account) how the ATM will know from where to do the withdrawal jpy or euro account in the Revolut account?

@Conor21eire, how come one 7-11 ATM have a fee, and another one hasn’t?!

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it’s not the ATM but Revolut that decides which fund will be deducted.
Simplified the ATM only asks Revolut if the amount can be deducted.

Vebaev my guess is at the fee free location, that’s a tourist hub and that ATM is in front of a big mall…

That’s interesting. What could be the reason for that?

You obviously haven’t been to Germany yet. :rofl::sweat_smile:

Bhahaha I’m from a German city/ half of the family relocated in Germany so yeah. Kinda been there often (every month (Nuremberg & Frankfurt) :joy:

I just don’t speak German :rofl:

But japan takes that as state of art. Go and check :smiley:

I know Germany quite well myself and I found Japan pretty easygoing. :laughing:

i am currently in Tokyo.

7/11 ATM’s are free with no charge if you use MasterCard, but if you have a visa there is a 109yen fee from the ATM.
I have used the ATM at different hours of the day without issue.
There are a surprising amount of places that accepted my Revolut master card without issue.
You still need to carry cash for cafes and restaurants as not all accept card, but a lot more do these days.

I had 0 issues with my Revolut card in Tokyo, one thing you might want to do is enable the mag stripe as some shops use that, i was caught out when i was paying for my accomodation, but it was easy to enable it quickly on my phone.


I was in Japan in September. No issue with my revolut Master card.

I was able to pay and withdraw in the convinience store.

In what stores did you do it? Family Mart, Seven Eleven or Lawson? Did you had any withdrawal ATM fees when getting cash?

Check my posts in the Japan treads, in summary, no single issue paying with Revolut and some little fee at ATMs less than my bank. Also on the plus side - buying yen in advance with better rate than my bank :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,
I would like to know if I change euro in yen before withdraw, I have a limit of 200 euro equivalent after which I will have 2% fees?

And if I withdraw 300 euros, the 2% fees are applicated on 300 euros or on 100 euros (because we have 200 euros without 2% fees per month) ?

PS : I’m sorry for my english)

Thank you by advance.

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Yes 200 limit equivalent before fees.

The 100 euros. First 200 are free.

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I believe that the Fee will be charged only to the € 100 that raised the most … In any case why not make two separate withdrawals (€ 200 + € 100)?

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Japanese ATMs charge for withdrawals

You sure? See this post: