ATM Withdrawl not possible from Societe Generale France

Have tried to do a withdrawl from Societe Generale in Paris and the ATM just spits the card back out saying not supported.

BNP Paribas worked, so thats something.

Also Uber in Paris was failing stating (incorrectly) that the expiry date used on the card was wrong and revolut failed the pre-authorisation.

In case of Uber, you have to remember that Uber demands at least one credit card in your Uber account. Have you added this? ( Besides Revolut card)

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I don’t understand your question. Revolut is a credit card, so it’s the card I would use as the credit card. To answer you question, yes I do have another card linked to my account, but the actual issue is that Revolut denied the pre-authorisation charge stating that the expiry supplied was wrong. Which it was not.

Actually Revolut card is NOT credit card. This is prepaid card.


Hello. Regarding uber. It’s not a revolut issues.
It’s general prepaid credit card issues. Have the same issue with local/genuine belgian bank.
Uber know (some how) that it is a prepaid card and refuse to use it. (Probably because tjere is no guarantee that you have enough money to pay you travel)

You need to have another debit or credit card to be able to use a prepaid card with Uber