ATM withdrawals (What's the access fee?)

I’m trying to withdraw less than 200 euros in Greece and every time I get an additional fee at the end of the transaction. What’s the access fee stands for?
Also, I checked the ATM location from mastercard and visa with the same result.

The invoice is mine, there are also screenshots from other users.

Last screenshot is from Euronet ATM. Avoid them !!! Euronet is known, I would say, scammers with their crappy, impossible to opt-out conversion rates/access fees.


Hmm they are both from Greek banks NBG/ibank and Piraeus/winbank, weird indeed. @anon33247966 this needs more escalation from your side.

At this moment there is the Euronet fee in case of MasterCard only. If you use Visa- it is possible to withdraw without any fee.

ATM Access fees are not from :r: but from the ATM operator, :r: can’t do anything about it…

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3 out of 4 major Greek banks starting charging access fee to withdraw money from atm recently using revolut. Its not clear if this applies to other European cards as well. Nbg (the biggest) appears to have the same policy (charging access fee) to other European cards as well

Thanks for clarifying it.
So, which bank is access fee free at this time? You mentioned “recently” to all three banks, maybe the one who left is it going to start that fee as well in the near future?

The one not yet charging the fee is alpha bank. I am not sure of other smaller banks, which are not easily found in tourist locations though.

How does this thing work really - despite ppl paying “acess fee” , revolut pays them too something for each withdrawal? If yes, I see it as “super greed” from banks side.

Would that be anything new? :wink: