ATM withdrawals not working thailand

Hi, I have just tried to use my card in Thailand to withdraw money for the first time. I have tried a few different machines and it keep saying that the transaction has been cancelled and spitting my card out. I’ve used the card before online and it worked, there’s enough funds and it isn’t frozen.

Anyone had this or knows what it could be? Chat are not online for another 5 hours and I’m stuck without any cash right now.

Hey @Ell :slight_smile:

Is this transaction shown in the :r: statement as rejected? Do you get any specific error message on your phone or ATM?

Hey there! @Juliopp I actually have been having this same problem so was wondering if you could help? There is nothing shown on my Revolut statement. When I select the amount I want (which is well under what is on my card) the error message “Transaction cancelled. Please contact issuing bank.” appears.

My card has not been frozen but it is a new one I had sent out after the first one was swallowed by a machine here (I’m not having any luck out here it seems!).

Hope you can help!

My card worked fine in Thailand 2-4 weeks ago. Did you use your card for a regular payment with PIN (Not online) somewhere else first?

Thanks for the quick reply @Thaek ! No, card has not been used yet.

I noticed that some things only start working after you use the card once at a shop. For example I was unable to change the PIN at an ATM before I used the card once. I’m not sure if this is the issue here, just guessing, but might be worth a try.

Thanks @Thaek I was actually thinking of trying this, so could well be the answer. Thanks, I will try, appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Sorry for butting in on your post. But I’m heading to Thailand now for 3 weeks and bringing revolt with me. I’m totally confused about charges.
I understand 2percent after the first 200euro for atm withdrawals but they mentioned something about a 1.5% charge also.
Can any one explain it a bit better please

I was in Thailand few weeks ago and the charges are es follow:
Revolut: First ~7400 THB per month free, after that 2% charge on top
ATM: 150 - 220 THB per withdrawal
Also you should exchange your money in Revolut to THB during the week, otherwise there is an additional markup.

But let me give you some advice that most regular travelers to Thailand will give you: With the crazy high ATM fees, bad credit card acceptance it’s best to bring your local currency in cash and change it at a money exchange in Thailand. (Usually there is no fee for that and the exchange rates pretty good) It will cost you less than withdrawing money with a card, even with Revolut.

Thank you.

We are planning on taking 2500 euro each which would be 5000 euro. I was a bit uneasy about carrying this cash around with us.

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That’s definitely a lot of cash to carry around! If you are staying in big hotels you should be able to at least pay that part entirely with card. Restaurants in tourist locations will also often take card. But once you get outside of the tourist centers often times not even hotels will take card. I guess the amount of cash you need depends on the kind of trip you where planning on taking.

Personally I would not take more than 1k in cash p.P. with me and than eat the ATM fees in case I need more. But I guess that depends on your risk tolerance :slight_smile:

We actually already have all our hotels paid for and most of our activities so that won’t be a problem for fees.
I think I’ll take around 500 cash and use my revolt to pay in restaurants etc when possible. I’ll just take put the largest amount from the atm machines when the cash runs low.
Thanks so much for your help