ATM withdrawals limits

I read someone having trouble getting decent amounts of money out of a Vietnamese ATM. I’m a bit concerned if I have credited say 300 pounds to my card and can’t extract that value in local currency. Surely there should be no issues if the ATM is capable of paying out these amounts and the account is in good credit?

Are there ATM limits to revolut users?

I think the ATM is the problem. Withdrew from Europe 400 euro without probs in 1 transaction and also, like 600-700 in other

It’s probably just the Vietnamese ATM’s. Unfortunately, they typically have very low withdrawal limits anyway. Many banks wont allow a withdrawal of more than 4,000,000VND, which is probably about £130. Limits in non-city areas are often 2,000,000VND.
Some of the larger international banks will allow more. The Australian bank ATMs aren’t too bad if you can find them (not many outside of HCMC or Hanoi though) - Commonwealth Bank ATMs will allow 9,000,000VND, which is close to £300 and ANZ Bank about 5,000,000VND. The HSBC ATMs weren’t too bad from memory either.


Yea thanks.

The Hsbc were good for withdrawals.