ATM withdrawal warning. Can it be removed?


Ok so, I will freely admit that this is most definitely a first world problem but, it does add significant time whilst stood at the cash machine.

When I use my revolut card at an ATM I get asked what language to use (don’t know if you can do anything about this - how does my use of a standard bank card not prompt this screen?)

Secondly, the notice that “your card issuer may charge you for this withdrawal” I feel is redundant; I am fully aware about the 2% fee for any withdrawal of more than a certain amount (200+ depending on premium or metal) but, can we not simply be aware of this rather than being told EVERY time.

If you could take away these 2 screens I could spend less time at an ATM and move on with my day.




These messages are generic and not specific to Revolut. There’s nothing Revolut can do about it.



I am not professing to know much about this. But, why do I not get these screens when I use my Halifax card? What information does that card hold that communicates with the ATM so that these screens are not displayed. I understand that these screens are not set by revolut but they are doing something / not doing something that could prevent these screens.

My question is what are they doing/not doing and can they change that?



My guess is that the cards from Revolut get recognized as foreign cards and your bank card is recognized as native national card.



That’s my guess too. Hence my question is there nothing that they can do about it?



It’s banking beyond borders so international makes sense somehow. :sweat_smile:



Every ATM has to be transparent and show the fee warning by law. Everywhere.



Right. I kinda thought that. But, how do the ATMs know that Halifax cards do not need that screen?



It’s complicated.

Since 2015, Revolut issued all kinds of different cards, different issuers, et cetera. In the beginning, all cards were recognized as U.K. cards so you shouldn’t have seen language selection in the UK, for example. Newer cards are localized, so for some customers in EUR countries, POS terminals no longer offer DCC for EUR payments.

I withdrew GBP today from a Barclays ATM. No language selection, but fee warning.

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Awesome thanks that explains it



Yes, but that’s a strange one, because this message doesn’t show actual fees, they say that the card holder’s bank might charge a fee. A fee, obviously, the ATM operator can’t know. Under EU regulation, the ATM has to show the fee the ATM operator applies, not account related fees.



I think this warning is important because you may forget the fee sometimes.