ATM withdrawal per currency account/country or in total?


I am a bit confused by something, I was under the impression that the currency withdrawal limit was per currency rather than in total, with any currency account?

The reason is I will travel to Hong Kong and Japan. Since I am a premium user, I have a £400 ATM limit. Let’s say I have £400 equiv. in HKD and £400 equiv in JPY accounts. Can I withdraw the HKD in the first week, and next week withdraw JPY? Or is there only a £400 (equivalent) across all the accounts, for the whole month?

Any help would be aprreciated!

It’s £400 (equivalent) across all the accounts, for the whole month (200 if you’re not premium).


Just to make this sure: one can withdraw more than 400. But only the 400 are without a fee.