ATM withdrawal not working not showing up in app

I tried to do many withdrawals today but most didn’t work nor did anything show up on my app at all that an attempt was made.

And absolutely no response to any of my messages to support

Now many hours later all the failed transactions have popped up and it says I have exceeded the limit but what is the limit???

Hi! Did the ATM prompt you to select “Checking”, “Savings” or “Credit”? :slight_smile:

No the country is Israel it doesn’t give those options just withdraw. But now on my app it shows the failed attempts and it says the reason is exceeded limit???

Hmm… are the transactions greyed out and shown as “Pending”? Not all ATMs support the Revolut card, you could also try it out at a different one :slight_smile:

My partner wasn’t able to withdraw funds with his card when he tried it said transaction cancelled he tried last night and also tonight

Cheers for the reply but as I said it’s saying declined due to over the limit. But I can’t find anywhere it saying a limit for withdrawals. I’ve only done £450 today???

Go to the “More” tab > Profile > Price plan and the last card is about ATM withdrawals :slight_smile: what does it say there?

Thanks for replying it says 2% fee as u have reached the limit of free withdrawals

You should be able to withdraw… there could be an issue with the ATM, have you tried multiple ones? You can also contact support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:

I’ve tried 3 diff banks!!! Only one worked for #450

The others might not support the card! It is a known issue, you should keep withdrawing from the one that works :slight_smile:

I tried the same bank again it didn’t work

Try to contact support today :smiley: