ATM withdrawal failed - Money taken by the account

Hello Revolut Community, I am in Lisbona and yesterday I went to a bank for a withdrawal (100€). ATM displayed an error message but the money has been taken from my account.
Do I have to contact someone specific for this issue or the recharge of the money will be automatic? Please help!

If you look in the app you will see the transaction marked as ‘Pending’. Most likely this transaction will revert and the funds reappear in your account - around 7 days I believe is a likely timescale.

In the unlikely event this does not happen and the transaction status changes to ‘Completed’ you should contact support and request a chargeback to return your funds. There is no point contacting them unless/until the status shows as completed.

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Thanks a lot for your help. I’ve checked and fortunately the transaction is on “pending” status. I will write again when I will have the money back in the account. Thanks again

You are welcome.
BTW keep any paperwork the atm gave you just in case!

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Hello! I just wanted to communicate that I received my money back after one week of the withdrawal fail. Thanks a lot