ATM Withdrawal bug


Hello there,

I don’t really understand how it’s possible, but this month I took €30 (once €20 and once €10) out of an ATM, but the app says that I took out €30.03.

Could somebody explain it to me.


maybe a fee from the ATM machine?


But wouldn’t it be shown in the revolut statement?


The ATM fees are charged as a total within the app along with the amount withdrawn. On my account, when I withdrew $200, Revolut took a total of $203 ($200 cash and $3 fee) but it showed as an accumulative total

Plus its only 3 cents. If it was any sort of fee I would have thought it would be higher than the 0.1% that was charged


I believe that what @Albertas is saying is that in his list of transactions it shows a withdrawal of €20.00 and then a withdrawal of €10.00 therefore totaling €30.00 but on the Price Plan screen the same withdrawals are shown as totaling €30.03. Looks like a bug to me.


That’s right, the app doesn’t show any charges of 0.03 cents


Can you send me your phone number via a direct message?


Is there any news about this?


Yes, this has been escalated and the tech team will provide an update shortly.


When will the update roll out ? @AndreasK

I have the same issue but it does neither bother nor restrict me in any way. I just looks weird having a 3 cent difference in the overview.


I have the same issue, about a month later. Can this be sorted out once and for all?


Still same bug