ATM Usage in Russia

Hi all,

I am travelling to Sochi and Moscow for the World Cup, and want to know if there are any specific bank ATMs to use to withdraw cash in Russia?
I have a feeling some banks will try to charge ATM withdrawals but I’m not sure, some ATMs in Canada/Europe charge which is frustrating!

Has anyone used any and had no extra charges they can recommend?

No idea, but I found this article there is some info about ATM’s.

Update: Ok, I yandex searched and did read some russian forums about withdrawing cash using foreign card and found somebody who said in 29Oct2017 following: “Большинство банкоматов в РФ не берут свою комиссию за снятие рублей. За наибольшими лимитами см. Альфабанк, Промсвязьбанк, Росбанк, Райффайзен.”

Translation: “Majority ATM’s in Russia don’t apply commision for withdrawing roubles. Biggest ATM limits you can get in these banks: Альфабанк, Промсвязьбанк, Росбанк, Райффайзен”

p.s. Don’t forget that Revolut considers russian currency as “Illiquid” and add their own markup.

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