ATM transaction, debited TWICE !!


Took 70EUR out of a Privat Bank ATM in Ukraine on Saturday, today monday message to say another 70EUR has been debited this morning. Was never out of the house today and card here with me.
Been told to fill in a chargeback form?
So how long will this take?
Little money left on card now, where has it gone, and why??



Have you talked to the ATM vendor? Probably they have video footage to proove you’ve not been there when the transaction is supposed to have taken place. They should also make sure the ATM has not been modified to copy transactions (this once happened to me at an ATM in Germany, all transaction have been doubled by a malfunction within the ATM).


thank-you bastigruenwald, i have been told by Support there will be a Chargeback Team to deal with this.
So where are they??
I`ve lost a lot of money due to this double debit.
I have all details now of this , their branch address, ATM details, receipt etc

Why can`t Revolut sort this out??


Has anybody seen this Chargeback Team??

Security at this Bank have rightly so asked me for full details of this debit from their ATM.

Why are Revolut not doing all this themselves??

Please get in touch with PrivatBank or if you don`t want to do that give me the details of this fraudulent transaction!!

If i can`t get this sorted out before i leave i will be taking the affair straight to the Financial Services Authority