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I should know this but.
When I withdraw Bhat from an ATM, I’m given two choices, One is local currency WITH OR WITHOUT conversion.
Which one is it, I also notice you can withdraw £200. Is that per day?
Thank you


You should choose without conversion. This way Revolut handles the conversion, you’ll get a great rate this way, 99.99% of the time and a good rate the other 0.01% of the time.

When you choose with conversion, the ATM provider will do the conversion and then bill you in GBP. They also very often apply markups of up to 6%, so you get a terrible exchange rate.

Also, the £200 is per month. After this £200 “limit” is reached, you have to pay 2% on all money withdrawn from an ATM. (so for £100 you would pay £2, this normally isn’t an issue but it depends on if card is widely accepted or not. you should save this money on the exchange rate though!)

As a further tip, transfer into your Thai Bhat wallet during the week! This saves you from the weekend markup.


Thank you, I thought it was without conversion,
£200 A MONTH. Not good.


I mean, there’s no actual cap that you’d hit that would physically stop you withdrawing money, but you would have a 2% fee after withdrawing £200 or more in a month.

In Europe at least, contactless and EMV are all widespread enough to use. I wouldn’t mind paying £4-6 while abroad :man_shrugging: you make it back on the exchange rates anyways!


Thanks very much, I remember now.