ATM problem


Hi All. I’m having problems with atm’s trying to get cash out, some atm’s just say that this service is not available even tho they say they take MasterCard and i have got cash out of them before, I tried 5 last week before i found one that would give me cash, I don’t have a problem paying in shops with chip and pin or with contactless. Any ideas anyone?


Hello @baza,

I will get in touch with your via a direct message so we can investigate this. Thank you.


I’m having same issues can’t use my revolut card not accepting and I’ve been waiting nearly 1hr for support


I can see that an agent has responded to your query.


Can you try using another ATM ? Not every bank or branch is accepting :r: . If the ATM is low on cash they reserve their funds for the home bank users. This could be an issue, too. Besides that just make sure that you checked the security feature of your card to be able to withdraw cash from your :r:
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I´ve recived twice the message “Operacion no autorizada” (Operation not alloewd) from Kutxabank´s ATMs at Euro6000 net in Spain, one month ago there was not problem at these ATMs, in other ATMs from another banks in Spain there´s no problem.
Kutxabank refuse our Revolut cards since march.

It is disconcerting not to know where make withdrawals, but
I’m sure it’s not Revolut’s fault.


Hello, today I tried to take cash from an ATM, the transaction was denied but the app deducted the money. I then topped up my balance and tried again, and the same thing happened. My balance is at 0 but I received no cash. I immediately contacted the support system, and was given an automated message that someone would be in touch in 6 hours. It has been over 6 hours now, and no attempt to reach me. Instead there is a message that says I should upgrade to premium so that I can speak to someone 24/7. Please help!! I just want to recover my lost balance.


If the money is not paid out by the ATM, it will be repaid onto your account within 10 days.Yep, long time but that’s how it works.