Atm Portugal "operation not authorized"


Hello, i’m in portugal before 1 week. It’s impossible to take money with ATM. I test it

on 5 bank, operation not authorized ! WE are no problem in France and Spain.
So… i use my visa card, and no problem.

Strange !


Have you checked the security details in the app? One can disable ATM withdrawals there.


No checked :wink:


The ATMs you tried are on MasterCard’s official list of supported ATMs? (There is an ATM finder on their website.)


I don’t know. It’s . This system represent all
the bank in portugal.


Weird. It seems like it worked for this user:


I already test it this morning… block !
I think That it doesnt Work in portugal. :sob:


You should talk to support. You are the only person I am aware of that has this problem. If it would be a general problem for all Revolut customers, I am sure we would have heard more of it by now. I mean, who doesn’t like to go on vacation in Portugal! :wink:


Yes ! I return to Spain :v:️:+1:


I haven’t tried to withdraw money in Portugal… but when I was testing the card I tried to pay for things with my revolut card in 4 different places and none of them accepted mastercard (or revolut?).
I ordered the card specially to use it Norway… I hope I don’t find this problem there…


I am from Portugal and have used the card in bunch of atms without any trouble, both the basic and the premium one, and the card is accepted anywhere that debit/credit cards are accepted, there are some places that just accept the multibanco network but they are rare.