ATM Pin Problem in Bucharest

Using Revolut card for first time (except when I first validated it back home) in Bucharest, Romania on a travel. All POS purchases have worked flawllesly. But I get a wrong pin number error on ATM. I tried many different local banks, even the ripoff atm’s, but always this error. I tried Checkings, Savings and Credit options.

I’m 100% sure I’m using the correct pin. Used it on the POS and triple checked on the App.

Any thoughts or help ? Cheers

Some countrie’s banks use pin with more numbers, try to add a 0 at the beginning of your pin code when you use your card on an atm

Hi Peppe,

The issue resolved itself. I believe it was related to the technical difficulties that happened over the weekend.


You can call customer care or support for that they will definitely help you regarding this, they have the best support so far