ATM Philippines

Hi, I am going to visit Philippines and I am wondering is there any local fee (or any fee at all) if you withdraw with Revolut card? Thanks for the answers!


I was there last year and from memory most ATM’s charged a fee whatever card was used.Dependent on where you are going also be prepared for frequent periods of machines being out of action - out in the sticks particularly.

Thanks for the heads up, maybe you know approx. How much was the fee?

Sorry my memory doesn’t function that well. Maybe a couple of % or so?

250â‚˝ every withdrawal

Hsbc is the only bank which doesn’t charge a fee but hey lack in ATMs. Don’t rely on hsbc. There are few in manila and one in Cebu

No fee for HSBC ATM at HSBC Center, BGC

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Yup, that’s always my go-to in Manila too.