ATM map is added to Dashboard

The dashboard is getting a new member - ATM nearby map. Now, it is easy to search for a nearby ATM


UK only? I don’t have it… iOS 13.4.1 and :r: app 6.37.


I am using US account

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Don’t have it either: UK user here.

Seems to be a US only feature… very annoying considering Europe has ATMs too lol


No such option for me on android with app version 6.36.2
I’m from Latvia.

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Hi, No such option for me on ios with app last version
I’m from France.

It seems that this feature is launched for US account holders only

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US citizens cannot find atm without map? :rofl:

It shows you also if it is a free ATM.


My guess: Revolut is currently only in the US part of an ATM network.This network provides reliable information about the ATMs being surcharge free.


Here we are not used to paying ATM fees; nor monthly withdrawal limit. So this map features comes handy to look for surcharge free ATMs.

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With major US banks, you still have to be aware which ATMs are free for you.

Traditionally, banks operate ATM networks as well. Competitors like mobile only banks rely on them to provide their customers with cash as well. So this is more like a side effect of competition and traditional banks not willing to give up their costly infrastructure for free. Which is fair.

The withdrawal limit is another topic. Every withdrawal is costly for Revolut, they have to pay the ATM operator a fee that’s controlled by Mastercard / Visa. And they want to nudge users to use the card for payments, which generates income.

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We don’t pay ATM fees here at all either

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Switzerland is more like @Frank described. Banks operate the ATM networks. Their own customers, usually only with their debit cards, can use them at no additional charge, others mostly get charged a fee. Credit cards most of the time have a fee applied, with some exceptions, but not many according to my experience.

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Here in US, the main street banks will try to charge for anything and everything if you don’t maintain a minimum required balance or set up a direct deposit. Their overdraft fee charging process is outrageous.

Have you guys tried updating the app?

IOS user myself and it wasnt until recently I found out, that though I couldnt see the update in AppStore, it was actually updated ny deleting and re-indtaling it again.

NOTE: all my Personal settings were set back to default after the above step - so makebsure you remember your settings or take screenshots before deleting.

Can it really be that the only way to Update to newest version as IOS user is by deleting the app and then re-install?

This seems like a useless feature that only adds bloat to the app.

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I get regular updates to AppStore. No need to delete and reinstall the app.

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May be there are others who find this feature useful to them.

The reason why europeans don’t have it is because in the US we have lots of ATM’s that charge you a surplus if you withdraw at their ATM’s with another card than the branch’s card.