Atm machine rejects the Revolut Visa card


Hey, just made today my first CHIP and PIN transaction, and I got the in-app message that my physical card is fully activated. After 5 mins I tried to withdraw money from both VISA supported atm machines nearby me and they both immediately rejected my card and just toss it out the slot in like 5 seconds. The message on the screen was ‘card cannot be recognized”
I live in Greece


Had the same problem as your with my firt card. Today I received a new one. Tryed first at an ATM (NBG & Eurobank) but both rejected it (“card cannot recognized” message). I Made a chip_and_pin transaction in a pos and later in the day I’ll try again to see if the problem solved. Hope not to have the same for a second time. I’ll keep u informed.


As I promised, today I tried to some ATMs. Piraeus bandk, Eurobank and NBG rejected it as (“card not recognized by our network” or “unknown card” etc) Only by Alpha bank’s ATM was recognized and prompted me to enter the PIN and open menu for 2 options. Ask balance and withdraw money.


Hm I see thanks for the answer. Do you have any idea what is going on with the Visa revolut Card? My friend’s revolut is a MasterCard and it works in ALL atm machines


I think is a ATM’s softawere . Old ATM’s accept it (the Visa) but all the 3 rejected it were new. (New, I mean those who u can make a cash deposit without an envelope). So that means that in the future we’ll face a problem if Revolut wiil not manage it.


Exactly same issue in all ATMs I have tried with my Revolut Visa. Not sure is a software problem from the ATM, since all my other Visa cards from banks from Spain and Switzerland worked with no issues.