ATM limit currency problem


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While studying the ATM withdrawal fees I’ve noticed something:

According to Revolut’s fees list ( there is a free ATM limit

“up to £200 / €200 / 200USD / 200CHF / 800PLN / 1,500DKK / 2,000SEK / 2,000NOK / 800RON / 4,500CZK or currency equivalent”

If you convert the other currencys into GBP (exchange rates as of 6. May 2019, source:

200 € = 170.94 GBP
200 USD = 152.80 GBP
200 CHF = 149.89 GBP
800 PLN = 159.72 GBP
1500 DKK = 171.71 GBP
2000 SEK = 159.21 GBP
2000 NOK = 174.59 GBP
800 RON = 143.77 GBP
4500 CZK = 149.52 GBP

In my opinion Revolut cannot advertise with the “best exchange rate etc.” if f.e a Romanian user gets 28 % less (with same product). It’s the same when using Premium and Metal:

2400 RON = ONLY 431.23 GBP (instead of 600 GBP for a British Revolut user") (-28 %)

Maybe it’s different because Revolut has to pay different high amounts to the ATM operators (depending on the country) but when f.e a Romanian guy travels to the UK, his card is recognized as gBP and British (BIN number), so the ATM doesnt know the country of residence)

To make it more transparent I suggest:

  1. Convert all ATM withdrawals with the Revolut exchange rate to GBP and set the limit to 200 GBP (standard), 400 GBP (Premium), 600 GBP (Metal), so it’s the same for all people :slight_smile: )


  1. Increase the amounts of the other currencys.

How do you think about my suggestions? Which one would you prefer?

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+1 to suggestion, but I doubt they will change current system.


If we look at this from a relative purchasing power perspective, people in the UK are earning more than the Romanians and as such are much more likely to be withdrawing more.

It’s tailored to the market the product is selling in and I don’t think you’ll ever have that change, to be honest.

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Switzerland has a higher PPP than the UK

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Also TransferWise offers 200 GBP, but they set the limit for USD to 250 USD.

Can someone from Revolut write a statement? @AndreasK