Hello all,

Has ever happened to any of you to withdraw money while in holidays ( in my case Spain, Malaga ) and not receiving anything from ATM ?
I could hear the ATM counting the money however the trap didn’t open – and on the screen the transaction was processed ( also my funds in Revolut are now 0 )

Unfortunately, the bank BBVA didn’t help me they said they will check however nothing back (they were talking just Spanish )

I raised the report to Revolut after 10min , someone in chat told me I need to wait for the transaction to be taken /rejected.
Today, there are already 6days passed since that happened – I am waiting Revolut to charge back from VISA/ MASTERCARD as they said.

Please let me know if you have other suggestions – I am really worried that I won`t take the money back due to ATM issue or Revolut issue because at this point I am not sure who had the problem.

Thanks in advance

Hey @Andreeapopescu92 :slight_smile:

You should be able to reach an english-speaking agent of BBVA at +34 91 224 94 26. Just keep saying “English English English” and you’ll be forwarded to one if you speak no Spanish at all. Be sure to mention the date, time, exact place and amount and they’ll usually revert the transaction for you if you’re a foreigner AFAIK :wink:

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Hey @Andreeapopescu92 :slight_smile:

Do you have any update on this issue?

I tried to contact the bank at the general customer service but the person didnt help me too much , she said she needs to redirect me to the branch with the atm issue

Just before calling the branch, I checked my account and the money were there so I guess BBVA refunded me
Anyway, happy end and I am glad

Thx for the tip though

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