Atm insufficient funds issue

I have 200 euro, 135 dollars and some zlotys on my revolut account. I’m in Portugal using euronet and santander atm. Trying to withdraw 200 euro without conversion. I got several times message about insufficient funds on my account. Finally I withdrew only 100 euro. Why I couldn’t take 200? Do I need to have like 200+ euro to withdraw 200 or this is kind of a bug? There are no fees charged after withdrawal…


  • if you’re from Poland your limit of free withdrawal is 800 PLN (less than 200 EUR), then revolut’s charges you 2% fee

If you aren’t:

  • check if you don’t choose DCC (if yes- it’ll be exchange fee)
  • check ATM provider if he doesn’t get surcharge (fee which is get by ATM provider- still NOT revolut’s fee)
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Hi there. You have to have sufficient funds in a given currency in order to complete the transaction.

I had exactly 200 euro and I wanted to withdraw all of it. I couldn’t. That is why I ask if I should have higher (by how much?) balance.

Hey Marcinek

The most logical answer is that the ATM have a fee for withdrawal. This fee you be added on top of the 200eur you wanted to get. So if the fee is 5eur then you should have 205eur.

Have you read my answer (above)?
I predict that you are Polish citizen.
If I’m right- you limit of free withdrawal is 800 PLN NOT 200 EUR.
800 PLN dividing by 4,21(exchange rate) equals about 190 EUR

If you’re trying to withdraw 200 this is about 10 EUR more than your limit of free withdrawal.
So there is a fee 2% from 10 EUR (about 20 EUR cents). That’s why your balance was insufficient…
(200 + 0,2 is required)

I withdrew 100 without any fee. Anyway I will try next time to have some more euro on the account.

I wouldn’t expect withdrawal limit to be linked to nationality but rather account currency.

Hmmmm i think withdrawal limit is connected rather with your account than with your nationality. It is described in FAQłata-z-bankomatu/dlaczego-została-pobrana-opłata-za-wypłatę-z-bankomatu

I just came back from Portugal and reviewed messages on the accounts. Surprisingly, rejected 200 euro cash withdrawal was marked on my PLN account, not EUR account, while 200 EUR was still there on EUR account. Weird…

As @redi pointed out the limit would be EUR 190. So 200 would have probably required 200.2.

Maybe @AndreasK or @JessicaZ can elaborate on whether an amount gets deducted only from one currency pool or also across currencies.

That was the second part of my posting. My understanding is transactions do not work across currencies but I might be wrong and hope the aforementioned users could shed light here.

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You’re right. You have to have sufficient funds on at least one (single) wallet. System doesn’t give us possibility to mix currencies during one transaction.

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From FAQ:

We don’t take funds from more than one currency balance at a time, so if there are no currency wallets with sufficient funds, the transaction will be declined

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Card transaktion or card withdrawl, the outcome is the same in the systems revolut uses - i suppose its a technical limitation.