ATM in Paris charged transaction but did not receive cash

I contacted support immediately, explained the situation and was given a link that should have sent me to a chargeback form to fill in but the link only took me to a google search page with posts from the REVOLUT community dealing with this issue. No form to fill in at all.

Very upsetting as I am on travel and need the money.

How do I get to the right form please?

I can not help you with finding the form but for another post Revolut answered

“Please note that a chargeback procedure can take up to 45 days. This is a MasterCard policy to give the merchant who took your funds time to contest the chargeback.”

Might not be quick enough for your current journey.

Thx for your comment, I will have to do without the disputed cash alas. But I definitely want to start the Cashback procedure

Hey. You may not need to start it right away. Systems are usually set up in the way that they often recognnize the ATM did not spit out any cash, so the transaction is still in “pending” status and money should be credited automatically within 10 days.

Since Revolut is a prepaid card, have in mind that ALL transactions - be it successful or not - will be “deducted” from your account and placed in "pending"mode - but mostly these funds get released automatically within 10 days for unsuccesful transactions. I had two such situations like yours and both times, the pending transaction was renamed “declined” and money was on the account in 2 days.


Thx for your comment and information, will keep an eye on the account see if there is a refund in the next days.

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Yes, if the transaction is still pending then this should settle out on its own automatically! If this does not happen or it settles incorrectly then as mentioned above, we can look into a chargeback for you.
This process can take up to 45 days to complete, at which time we provide you with the form to fill out!

Hi Larysza,

Many thanks for the reply
Is there any way for me to know if the transaction is effectively marked as
"pending" by the cash machine/bank or is it standard for all transactions
to be pending anyway?
On my app it is marked as completed, which is unsettling

You can check every transaction’s status in the Revolut app. It is either “pending” or “completed”.

In my app the transaction is marked as completed. And I did not get the
cash. What should I do now?

Ah, right, sorry, I skipped that. I would write support. You can send Larysza here a direct message in the forum.

I have been trying to contact support, each time I get an estimated waiting
time of 4 - 6 hours.

When I eventually get an response, at any time during the next day, I miss
it. How come there is not an alarm to inform that there is at last a
response coming through? DO expect me to share at the app until you respond

This is unacceptable really, I don’t now what to do or how to get this
issue resolved

I am in need of transferring another amount of money to Germany but I am
sure I won’t be using Revolut


Hi, I am experiencing a similar problem where I was charged for cash I never got. Did you have any success with the chargeback form? I’m not getting much help from Revolut staff. Thanks.

I never got my money back, sorry to say. Took months of to-ing and fro-ing
to get nowhere
I stopped using Revolut, moved to TransferWise, up to now, very good service
Hope you have more luck than myself

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For anyone facing similar problem, in my case the cash machine in London authorised a trasaction (took money from my Revolut account), but it didn’t give me any money. I even got the receipt that ‘my account wasn’t debited’.
The status of the transaction was ‘Pending’ and after 7 days of waiting I contacted Revolut support, which then was able to cancel my transaction and they reverted my funds within few minutes.
Nonetheless, it’s always the best to contact the support immediately and just wait for it :slight_smile:

That is a different case.

Sometimes, the status is completed, but no cash of technical failure of the atm. This is not the fault of Revolut. But, the ATM (Bank) can fix this. The problem, if this happens in a foreign country, maybe on vacation, you will never see your money again.

This happened to me 2 times in Indonesia. ATM failure. (technical).

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Yikes! Good to know. I’m heading to France in a few months and Spain shortly after. I want to get to a point where I don’t need multiple cards, or hang out with the other humans for an ForEx counter.

Need to do some

Hi Diemuhkuh, can you please elaborate on your experience? I have the same problem (also in Indonesia) where I was charged but didn’t get the money out from the ATM. Did you do a chargeback and it got reversed? I’m curious why you said “you will never see your money again”.

Ignacio, did you ever get your money back? You said you didn’t after months of back and forth…did Revolut send you the bank’s ATM transaction log? I have the same problem now and my chargeback was reversed.