ATM fees in Taiwan

I was wondering about ATM withdrawal fees outside of the EU and more specifically in Taiwan.
I read the dedicated FAQ topic but only got a vague answer. Is it true that there are absolutely no fees for such withdrawals?

Hi @Kamille,

Regarding ATM charges: Withdrawing cash from an ATM with your Revolut multi-currency card is free for £500 (or equivalent) each calendar month after which there is a 2% charge.

You should also watch out ATM provider’s fee. We advise our users to use ATMs with MasterCard logo on.

Also, check the following topic: List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

We were in Taiwan earlier this year. Basically most ATMs charge $2-4 for withdrawal irrespective of the amount drawn. Only ATMs around the world which didn’t charge were Muslim banks in Malaysia. Everywhere else had charges so we charged as much as possible to the card and used cash as little as possible.

Thank you for sharing with us @Rona

I’m visiting taiwan and can confirm that the only bank did not charge me any fee until now is “Union Bank of taiwan” I also tried Cathay coz i read that there was no comision but i got charged 1.63€ on this bank.


Hello and thanks for this thread. My experience from March 2019 is that Cathay ATM did not charged fee for withdrawal in Taipei.
Revolut contactless payments did not work with terminals in 7-11, which is sad because this shop is really everywhere on Taiwan.

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I withdraw cash from Bank Of Taiwan ATM in Taipei in January 2019 without any fee.
I have a Revolut MasterCard.

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Any updates to atm withdrawal fees in Taiwan? I am currently using the Revolut visa card and heading to Taiwan for studies in a couple of weeks. I know ntd isnt supported but I have seen previous older posts debating costs related to transfering to Taiwanese bank accounts and atm fees withdrawals.

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Any updates on Taiwan ATM fees? I’m travelling there and I wonder if I should look for a particular ATM.

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I just withdrawal some money in 7-11. And unfortunately the fee is cost NTD100🥲.

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Hello everyone :wave: , thanks for sharing your experience with us. :blush: In case, you are wondering how to find an ATM near your location, you can refer to this FAQ link. :hammer_and_wrench:

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