ATM didn't pay out....hard getting any help from Revolut


Yesterday I requested €150 from an ATM while on holiday. ATM didnt payout, but money withdrew from account. Contacted App Support for a Live Agent and was told 12 hour wait.
I am trying to contact today, but I’m not even getting a chat bot reply. Looks like a bug in the support software.
Highly frustrating as I can’t get any support to get this resolved.


type live agent in chat and someone will respond but hours ago I strongly recommend you send them a message on Facebook.


Did both…no response since yesterday on Facebook…Support App is not responding to “Live Agent”.


I am sorry mate probably your withdrawal is pending and will return in 10 days time but I understand that you are in a difficult situation.Send a personal message also to our fellow agent @AndreasK for help.


Hey! I think we’re in touch on Facebook :slight_smile:


We are, thanks Andreas!


Can you assist me with one of my problems please