ATM denied my operation but my credit has been charged anyway !


I’ve tried to withdraw 120€cash but the ATM has denied the operation with a message “invalid card” . Well i have checked my credit on the revolut apps and it has been discounted by 120€ !! I want my money back please.


Same here, Ive been charged twice for a total of about 86 pounds. They said they’ve fixed it but I still haven’t had my money returned to me and it they are not responding in the in-app chat.


Thanks I feel less lonely ! But yep no answer from support yet


Any updates on your end? Have they returned your money?


No … no feedback support is not available. What about you ?


I have had two transactions rejected but charged Support said yesterday I would get credit “shortly” but nothing this morning and support are not responding


Same here … what can we do then ?


my son has had his card lost in an ATM because of the issues that you have had with your system being down.he now has no card and also has money that has not been reimbursed.contacting you on the app has got him nowhere and he is incurring extra cost now due to having to use his debit card.


Hey guys, I just had my funds returned, contacted revolut via the Facebook Messenger


This has happened to me, i tried to take money out at an atm in thailand, was telling me i had insufficiant funds, which was false as i had more in there then i was trying to take out, i checked my account again and the money is missing!

This is my savings im putting in the revolut account, if i cant get my money back i might be stuck here, no money for food or hostel etc…

I have been on support chat like 3 times and am not getting anything, i need this money replaced as soon as possible or i will be in trouble


Lucky you ! I’m still waiting for although on twitter they told me refund should come shortly


Funds returned finally!