ATM debit limts


I am not again a revolut customer. But I am very interested
I do not find in your documentation what are ATM limits on the card ? And how it change depending on the identification level
Can you give me this information ?

Thank you

Hey @jimopliutuio,

Check this out:

A premium account will allow you to withdraw £400 per month with no fees.

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Thank you for your answer

OK but can I withdraw more than £400per month with fees ? And what is the maximum limit ?

Because sometimes I can need for example 3000€ in cash for a worker who build my house

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Hey @jimopliutuio,

Cash withdrawals from ATMs are limited to £500 or equivalent per day. Keep in mind that you cannot exceed £5,000 or equivalent in card spending in a 96 hour period.

To sum it up, your :r: card has a £30,000 limit per year, but keep in mind that it’s also limited to £5,000 per 96 hours and £500 per day for cash withdrawals.

You will be able to withdraw £200 with no fees and £400 with premium, after that you can still withdraw as long as you don’t hit your limits, but with a 2% fee. This resets monthly.


Considering you mentioned euro I assume this is your base currency. As Specter already pointed out you have a monthly limit and that is EUR 400 in case of a premium account, if you dont have such it is EUR 200.

So if you withdrew EUR 3000 in a month, you’d pay EUR 56 for the 2800 exceeding EUR 200, respectively EUR 52 in case of a premium account. On top of that keep in mind the different daily and yearly overall limits.

In short, if you often need cash Revolut as it is righ now might not be the ideal product for you.

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