ATM charges in Eurozone

I’m currently on holiday in Greece and Revolut has been great when used for purchases. It’s a different story with ATMs though, where every bank that I have tried would only allow me to withdraw cash if I accept their - very bad - exchange rate, or pay a commission to be charged in Euros which for low value transactions is even worse than accepting the bank’s rate!

So, interested in other users’ experiences with ATMs in Greece specifically, and Eurozone more generally. Have other users faced the same issue?

Update: 2 days before I go home I have found an ATM that does not force the exchange rate or impose a transaction fee. Step forward and take a bow, Pan-Cretan Co-op Bank! I just wish I had found it sooner.


Look for alpha bank ATMs

Do we know what charges are made by Greek ATMs when the card is issued in a Eurozone country, i.e. no DCC?

Pan-Cretan Co-op Bank is the best name for a bank ever.